The Girl Who Wished For What She Didnt Know - part 2

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this is a story about a girl whos family was in a car far, im making it up as i go along, so im not sure about the rest of it, yet... but hey tell me what you think so far!!!! this is only page one!

bold lettering = emilys thinking in the past
italiscized lettering = memories of conversations
regular lettering = what is happening now
bold italiscized = what emily is thinking at the time

Submitted: June 17, 2007

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Submitted: June 17, 2007



It's all my fault... "Doctor? when can i see David?" Emily asked quietly.

"As soon as you are able to get up and walk around, which shouldn't be too long" the doctor replied. emily sat on the bed and thought about how hard it would be to walk anytime soon. But i have too... i have to see david..

It was three days later when she finally got to see David. she sat on the end of his bed and watched him as he lay there, still in a coma. the doctor had said he would wake up any day now, but emily didnt believe it. She thought that David would be in a coma forever, all because she had made her mother look away from the road for a second. No...No it wasnt my fault, it was the other driver, he was drunk and lost control of the car. It was his fault... not wasnt my fault. "mom, why did we leave dad?" "well, he didnt like coming home ever and he was drinking too much, he used to drive the van while he was drunk... he almost killed someone too..." CRASH... stop thinking about that...he didnt do wasnt him.

"David, you have to wake up now, i need you! It wasnt him right? He was at home...we left him there." Emily whispered quietly into davids ear. it couldnt have have him...I wont believe was not dad who hit us...

" Emily?..." david whispered.

"what did you ask?..." he said.

"i said it wasnt dad who hit us was it... it was my fault, not his. Right?" Emily whispered.

"No Emily, it was not your fault! how could you think that!." david said quietly, increduosly. his voice was gaining strength as he said this.

" It was dad who hit us...he was at the bar when we left the house. It was dad's fault." david said as he sat up. Emily jumped up the bed and hugged David as hard she dared. they sat there for an hour and when the doctor came in to check on them Emily got up to leave, she thought as she walked out the door, It wasnt my fault... It was Daddy's fault... All dad's fault.

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