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the way the world looks in my eyes

Submitted: March 02, 2007

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Submitted: March 02, 2007



round and round this condimed planet we call earth, the government corrupts our humanity taking us for everything we have of worth. one day everything is just perfect the happyest time of your life, the next day its all gone the house, kids and even your wife. with no job in sight and people coming in and out through all hours of the night, people so nieve in thinking the little pitbull is just bark and no bite. the ones close to you turn out to be as real as the plastic window displaye, just like the fake tan you get form the booths of artaficial sun reys. in a wourld like this who do you trust to catch you when you fall, there is only one person that can here your crys when you call. theres always tomorrow that is if you even decide to wake, remember that tomorrow might turn out to be even harder for you pushing you to the point you will break.

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