unheard cry for help

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in a croud screaming but no one can here

Submitted: October 02, 2006

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Submitted: October 02, 2006



Why does it seem like everything i come into contact with falls apart. What did i do to deserve this curse thats apone me which makes everyday i live more miserable than the next. My heart is broken bleeding out tears of sarrow and pain as i watch everything i love most dear slowly slipping away for ever. How can i stop it from falling eney further. What do i do to change this vishious circle of torture being forced apon my soal causeing my slow change into eternal darkness. My unheard crys slip away into the endless abyss only to burn up in the flames of my own personal hell. I yell out for comfort and yet the only response back are the sounds of my own voice echoing off the caverns in my mind. restfull peace and tranquility is nothing but a undiscovered eden a lost oasis i have yet been able to find.

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