what does love mean

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my interpratations of love.

Submitted: March 02, 2007

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Submitted: March 02, 2007



someone once told me love was just a word and its meaning of interpratation is based apon the outlook of that 1 person only, and it sadins me to think there are so many personal discriptions of the word starting with lonely. the lonely heart of love is a small confined spot inside where most people keep locked up in fear that they might have to one day expirence the true way and feel, then forced to become to the true facts of inner emotions though shattered and lost now become real. next is the endless people in search of the divinity called true love a sole mate, unfornutaly this true is sad because of the constant urning for the end of the search miss loves true calling realizing it only when it is too late. love can be formed for all types of personal things that have meaning and emotional ties, to me true love is a person who sticks with you through the thick and thin of all life lifes everchanging decisions you make and no matter what still stands tall looking forever apone you with never changing eyes.

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