2012 (poem)

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A poem about the end of world predictions.

Submitted: July 09, 2011

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Submitted: July 09, 2011



Dates have been imposed

prophecies have been made

brainwashing us into believing

that judgement day is on its way

scientists say Earth will end in destruction

but geographers say by natural disasters

but neither of them have a clue

yet everywhere you go its plastered

everybody appears to be gullible

easily falling into their traps

manipulating innocent minds

with heavily fabricated crap

everywhere everyone is running

screaming prayers of redemption

before they didn't believe in God

All of a sudden he's got their attention

this so called end of world prediction

is nothing to be taken literal

these reporters should turn themselves in

for they are the true criminals

the masterminds behind these lies

triggering these tears that we cry

stimulating these fears that we hide

people listen up!

2012 is not the end

If anything 2012

is where it all begins

there's nothing to be afraid of

we have to live on and be strong

look forward to the future

2013 and beyond

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