360 Degrees

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A poem about the contradiction of sexual orientation.

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



As I set foot upon the cracks trailing along the tainted sidewalk

My eyes are approached by somber cheeks tainted by the rivers

Of mascara cascading from behind the masquerade of emotions

Sheathing the delicate foundation of various opaque tear ducts

I find it epically amusing how they fail to acknowledge

The extent of drama that they contributed to creating

All the fools that label it as a form of the creative arts

Should engage in the study just for the sake of creativity

Now these pseudo sexual renegades try to regurgitate

Remorseful ballads of redemption in hopes of rebirthing

Their original identities of which they traded for sympathy

Avarice had never quite prevailed in a manner so atrocious

However it truly satisfies me to know

That these rogue hellions have learned

Mirroring the heart of homosexual culture

Is an unnecessary blow below the belt

As long as their craniums remain

In this heinous psyche of infamy

Equality will never come to fruition

Hence why caution is so essential

It is never of value to transform sexuality into a mockery

For it only develops animosity and builds extreme constriction

And results in your safety being measured to an extreme degree

Look just be you that's all anyone could truly ever ask you to be

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