Dearest Darling

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Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Amidst a holy sanctuary during the croon of ceremonious lullabies

Your lovely image graciously occupied the vacant space beside me

Truth be told your godly nature spoke to me in heavenly whispers

Ah, the soft, subtle glow of your smooth, pearly white skin

Sparkled within the golden crescent of the Holy Ghost

My ears hearkened the sound of each syllable escaping

From between the surface of your tender lips

The aroma of your marvelous scent teleported me

Directly into another dimension with remarkable ease

And just like the summer haze, you took my breath away

Leaving a lengthy trail of curiosity upon my soul

Free falling I had collapsed within the charm

That you had so graciously bestowed upon me

Lord only knows how long I have been watching you,

Yet from a distance I would always smile and wave

Timid beyond reason, never have I dared to speak before you

For fear of being consumed by the kiss of fear itself

I mean you not an ounce of harm

Nor have I ever known of it

Oh, my dearest darling

Do you not understand?

The meaning that lies

Behind these words,

These emotions,

These tears

I may not mean a thing to you,

But I exist as I am

From every corner of Mother Earth,

My heart sends messages

Across the seas of love

A love known by that of no other

Of which your eyes have before seen

Tainted by sin I may be,

Yet sin defines not

Who I will grow to be

Let me fall, oh, darling, let me fall

If I'm meant not to know of love,

Know I am nothing at all

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