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Submitted: July 05, 2011

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



Incompetent detectives are invading

The peace that is my privacy

Imposing an array of false accusations

Threatening my safety

Raping my ears with toxic lies yet

Incapable of supplying sufficient evidence

Whilst hastily manipulating the minds of weakness

Authenticating counterfeit opinions


Developing repulsive waves of hostility

Pulsating throughout my veins

Due to the insolent remarks

Decomposing my reputation


The injustice of these horrendous actions

Makes my blood boil

Kicking and screaming in tones

Of majestic suffering


Revenge is imminent and ready

To strike with a vengeance

Unseen, unheard, unexpected

It will reach you


It will speak cryptic enigmas

To you in your sleep

Spicing up your nightmares

With unknown horrors


Beware of anonymous happenings

Never know when karma will strike

Shield your skins with vigor

For you have now been forewarned

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