Mannequin Halo

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Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



Streetwalkers cackle softly


In the shadows of fear


Crippled assassins aim yet, misfire


As the barrels scream off



Into the sweaty swamps


That comprise their genitals


Now as I walk down the highway


A thousand distraught eyes gawk



And like fire they fiercely devour my flesh


Lacing the tissues with a searing tinge of death


Their virulent words no more than merely one syllable


Ejaculate fascinating colors akin to the aurora borealis



As swiftly they saunter off into the midnight sky


Soaring beyond the moon, making love to the stars


My eyes had never before witnessed such a tragedy


A tragedy so freakishly mesmerizing to the human eye



Knives drive angrily from the anuses


Of these vile creatures


Roaring deliberate echoes of sinful songs


To raze innocence



Opaque as the vagina of an eclipse,


They masturbate to anguish


While intoxicated by the drunken memories


Of traumatic childhoods



The happy hour appears as the knives


Climax blood upon virgin flesh


Vomiting up every sour ache of intense hate


That plagues their hearts



The avenue to freedom will draw


A dreadful sacrifice of time and patience


It will spawn mannequins to mimic


the choreography of every move we make



The ultimate battle has


Dawned across the horizon


Guard your loved ones


For havoc will soon arise




By Glenn McCrary




© 2011  (All rights reserved)

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