Punch Drunk (poem)

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Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Written By Glenn McCrary & Jacqueline Webb



Dusk settled,


On a Wednesday evening---



Myself just awakening.





My bones,


Screamed in protest.


My body declaring,

“You were not made for such hibernation!”

My mind shrugging off such accusations,

As I made my way,

Like the restless dead

Into a bar.


Entering the smoky dive,

I spy a lady----

An agate portrait of a temptress,

Graces my eyes

(The silver screen which I view my world)

Makes me instantly smitten.


Indeed! Such a lovely spectacle this vision!

A yearning to fill the meaningless void stirs;

Punch drunk by a state of awe,

I shuffle my feet in her direction.


We talk.

Discussed ourselves.

The pettiness of others;

The greatness of each other---

Was all that was on our minds.



To have met on a Wednesday,

When the rest of civilization sleeps

And forgets of the nights delicacies. . . .




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