Quean Jubilee

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A poem about dream I had about a random girlfriend who just wouldn't stop kissing me. She had long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and soft lips. ;)

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011



Within the luxury of her embrace, I felt safe


Fervidly her lips trailed down the surface of my neck


Ever so keenly detouring to meet the crease of mine


Without a hint of dubiety, a dazzling thrill voyaged


Throughout my physique, devouring me completely


She was a ravenous creature who wanted me to herself


Who was I to deny her the pleasure of her wildest fantasies?


Willingly I succumbed to her lasciviously exuberant desires


A seductive sphere of passion and lust dawned between us


Unveiling the myriad of secrets unbeknownst to my heart



By Glenn McCrary



© 2011 (All rights reserved)

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