Sneaking in

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Submitted: March 04, 2018

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Submitted: March 04, 2018




The six-foot-high fence was easy to scale, and I dropped into the backyard of the house.  I crept forward on the balls of my feet, weaving my way through the child toys left spread across the yard.  I knew the steps on the back porch creaked, so I grabbed the railing in pulled myself over it and dropped to a knee.  I waited counting to twenty before I moved towards the window.

The window looked in on the dark kitchen, but I knew it so well I could picture the layout in my head.  No one was in there, so I moved to the railing and climbed on it.  I had to jump to grab the edge of the porch roof, but then it was just a matter of pulling myself up.

The roof had a slight slant to it, but it was easy to walk on.  Staying close to the wall I duck walked up the porch roof until I reached the window.  I flattened myself against the wall and tried to slow my beating heart.  Holding my breath, a stepped in front of the window and looked in.

The roar of the gun was followed by a burning, stinging sensation in my chest as something threw me off the roof.  I hit the ground knocking the wind out of me as the lights came on.  I struggled to sit up with a load of rock salt in my chest and my back bruised as my dad came out the back door carrying his shotgun.

“I told you not to go sneaking out again or you would regret it.”




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