Square Shock

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Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Thieves tread in caution sheathed by


The silence echoing through the night

Hungry to rape the pockets of poor men



To nourish their bank accounts with avarice



Eyes widened in shock


As not a shade of value

Graced their empty palms

Helplessly blinded by adrenaline


A shaded unit of knuckles parked

Directly into the tender skin

Of the eyes of the poor men

Connecting squarely with the bone


Lying beneath the caressing flesh

Reality gradually sinking into oblivion

As to their kneecaps they unceremoniously fell

Repeatedly the innocence had been taken


As with the execution of every new punch

And every new kick, Skins were being bruised,

Bones were being shattered, and hearts were

Being scarred with unwanted tragedy


A burden unbearable to most hearts

Of which were characterized by scorn

As well as marked by unresolved wars

Of a ceaseless chain of conviction

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