Tasteless Imagery

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Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



In the midst of my slumber


Betwixt life and death




An aura of utter horror



Teasingly sexes my bones




As white hot my skin boils


I collapse within the deadened clasp


Of a profusion of defiant provocations


As in the hollow voice of fear I quiver



The deathly ashes of abhorrence present


Along with the thundering roar


That is the wrath of midnight's quake


Not a soul was sleeping, all were awake



In the sharp silence of


This realistic nightmare


I awaken, oxygen pleasuring


My esophagus by way of the hand


Of Mother Earth.



To my feet I rise


Approaching the window


Adjacent to my bed chamber


I gaze at moon in grotesque fashion


Oppressed by it's hopeless existence



The beauty of it's burning brilliance


Reflects it's true image of catastrophe


As I turned to walk away, the floorboard creaked


Silence. She had spoken!

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