The Fisherman's Ordeal

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Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



A silver tongue has been slain


Although one knows not of

The whereabouts of its remains

An ignorant old fisherman



Frequently fishes in the deep end



With the grandeur ounce of hope


In discovering intellectual enrichment

How I pity the poor fool, for I too know

That this valuable item shall never see

Even an inch of this man's flesh


Devastated the fisherman flees home

Aggression rising in his bones

Indifferent to the illumination

That his beguiling ways have painted

More than likely to this

He shall become better acquainted


It is blatantly clear that

A stranger indeed cannot

Grant his touch to

A distinguished artifact

And attempt to pass it off

As his own


However originality has drowned

Within a plethora of quicksand

As a result of a callous heart

Eclipsed by layers of ice

This cycle must be mutilated

It shall no longer suffice





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