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Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



As she kick started the engine, her voice roared

Delivering echoes of a dangerous type of love

Fearlessly she cruises into the midnight breeze

Her black hair swaying to the whispers of the wind

Her cherry red lips glistening underneath the stars


The length of her silky, jet black hair swayed in the wind

As she sped off like a wicked daredevil into the night

I could see the texture of her mauve colored blouse blowing

Into the crisp breeze that avidly chased behind her


A tinge of curiosity sparked my interest in this woman

As a result I entrusted my intuition to guide me

On my quest to properly identify this woman

Briefly I glanced at my reflection before my departure


For a few minor seconds, I pictured my own image

Of the outline of her sexy face in my brain

The conclusion of features were to die for

Unfortunately I could only hope that reality

Was as perfect as I pictured it in my head


With not a drop of blood to lose

I anxiously sped off into the night

Leaving my emotions to fray

Making way for the prospect

Of a new romance




By Glenn McCrary




© 2011 (All rights reserved)


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