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Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



As I drank from the goblet of my morning tea


A wave of intriguing suspense flushed my cheeks




A dash of bravery electrified my skin as I reached for the remote



Within a mere matter of seconds the television had sprung to life




The very image that had surfaced across the screen


Had appeared to be that of a seemingly drunken news anchor


The 5 'o clock shadow that grazed his face


Seemingly denoted that he had been conquered by insomnia



I could detect from his expression


That happiness was nonexistent


The taste of fear upon his breath


Could be sensed worldwide



What's this I hear?


Government officials laundering money


Using their power for personal gain?


Ignoring the public?



Thank you America for bleeding white


A truth that was once unknown


A truth damn near impossible to burrow


Yet for the government every day is Halloween



More and more they continue to kidnap our finances


Denting one too many a chasm of bedlams


As alive we are eaten by the fangs of avarice


While we are beaten across our knees


Robbed of every dime we've got


Justice kissed the lips of injustice


They conceived a daughter and named her


Hot Revolver... Bang! Bang!


A white flash screamed


As it pierced the silence


America's heart had just broken...

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