The Dare!

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My nephew wanted a scary story with a cute ending. So I gave him one. He ate it up.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



It was Holloween night and every kid in the neighborhood was dressed up all spooky and crazy. Kenny dressed up as a silly pirate. Cindy, Kenny's best friend, dressed up as a beautiful princess. The friends met up in the middle of town. "Wow," Cindy exclaimed "You look super silly." Kenny laughed. "Gee thanks Cindy. You look crazy silly though." He teased. Cindy laughed.

"Hey Kenny," Cindy said. "Do you want to play the dare game?"

Kenny looked surprised. He knew that playing the dare game was a foolish decision to make. But he didn't want to seem like a coward. So he said, "Yeah, but I go first."

"Fine, do your worst, I am not afraid of anything." Cindy boasted.

They started walking while Kenny tried to think of something really scary to make Cindy do. He thought and thought and thought. At first he was going to make her go down 'Freak Storm Ally' but instead he saw a horribly spooky, scary, icky, spider-web filled house on the end of 'Burdock Street'.

He pointed at the spooky house, "I dare you to go into that spooky house!"

Cindy gaped at the house for what seemed like forever. Then finally she looked at Kenny. "How long do you want me to stay in it?" Kenny had to think for a minute about that. Then he finally said, "Half and hour."

Cindy took a deep breathe, then ran to the door. She thought about knocking first, but she thought to herself ' If this place is abandoned thenwhat would answer if I was to knock?"So instead of knocking, she twisted the door knob and walked right on in.

As soon as she got in, the door slammed shut behind her. She jumped so high, she thought she hit her head on the ceiling. She started walking through what looked like to Cindy as a living room. She was close to the doorway that went into the kitchen when she heard heavy breathing coming from behind her. Slowly Cindy turned around to see a huge, scary werewolf. Cindy opened her mouth to scream, but the werewolf ran over to put his hand over her mouth before she got the chance to let out a peep.

"Please don't scream," the werewolf pleaded. He took his hand off of Cindy mouth. "What is your name?" the werewolf asked politely.

"My name is Cindy. What's yours?" She stated full of interest.

The werewolf looked at her and said, "My name is Harold May Jr, or Harry for short." The werewolf stated loud and proud with a bow.

Cindy laughed, "You're not scary at all, actually your quite funny."

Harry looked at her eyes so bright and said, "Well I don't try to scare people, and I do try to keep every party lively. So thank you so much young lady."

After a while of laughing at each other Cindy asked for a tour of the spooky house. Harry agreed to give her a tour if she didn't scream. She said, "Okay, you have my word I will not scream."

They walked into the creepy kitchen. Harry the werewolf flicked the light switch on. "Welcome sir Harry," said an odd high pitched voice. "Why thank you Ms. Bubbles." Replied Harry.

"Where is she?" ask Cindy. Harry put his fingure up and told her to wait. Then after a few minutes a little girl appeared, "Hello, ma'am. My name is Bubbles. It's short for Bubblescotch. My daddy has a good sense of humor." Bubbles said as she giggled. "I am a witch."

"Hi Bubbles, mmy name is Cindy. I'm a human." She laughed. "Nice to meet you."

"Did someone say 'nice to eat you?" asked a tall shady man. "No Spike." Laughed Harry. "She said nice to meet you not 'eat you' "

Harry turned to Cindy, "Cindy this is Spike the very silly vampire." Cindy laughed. She thought to herself, I really must remember to thank Kenny for this wonderful dare. I am meeting so many nice and funny characters. I think when my turn comes to dare him to do something it'll be the same thing he let me do. Yes I do believe that is a good idea.

After a while of joking and drinking fruit punch Cindy had to asked where the bathroom was.

"Up stairs, third door on the left, down the hallway, first door on the right." Spike said. "She thanked him and was off."

She walked up the stairs and counted the doors on the left. "One, two, ghost, four. WAIT! GHOST?!" She looked again and saw a handsome ghost. "Hello, my name is Jake. How may I help you?" he asked very politely. Cindy introduced herself and explained she was looking for the bathroom. "Oh, it's through this door down the hall, first door on the right."

Meanwhile, Cindy's best friend Kenny was still waiting outside for her. "She has five minutes and fifty-two seconds left. I can't believe I haven't heard one single scream!"

On her way back down she bumped into Bubbles. "Ooopps, soory Bubbles." Cindy said as she helped Bubbles up.

It's ok Cindy," she said. Actually I was looking for you." Bubbles said happily. "Really? Why?" Cindy asked surprised.

Bubbles looked up at her, "I want you to meet my father." So they went down the stairs giggling and happy. Jake floated over to meet the girls at the bottom of the stairs. "We have a surprise for you Cindy." he said smoothly. "Really?" she ask surprised.

"So this is the famous Cindy, eh?" said a weird man in a blue robe.

"You must be Bubbles's father." Cindy stated. He laughed. "Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore." They all started to laugh. "My name is Jon. I am a very wise warlock." Cindy introduced herself. After a few minutes she finally asked how long she'd been there. Almost half an hour." Replid Harry. "Thank you, Harry." She said. Bubbles came into the kitchen and told Cindy to close her eyes. They walked her into the living room. "Open your eyes Cindy." Jake whispered.

When she opened her eyes should could hardly believe what she saw. There was a bunch of balloons and a huge cake and a bunch of party stuff.

"SURPRISE!!" they all yelled.

"Is this all for me?" Cindy asked.

"Of course, your the only one that came to our party," they all laughed. So they partied, and after awhile she told them she had to go. So sadly they all said their goodbye's.

As Cindy came out of the house she heard her best friend sigh.

Kenny? What are you doing? she asked confused.

"OH CINDY, YOU'RE SAFE!" hey yelled as he ran to hug her.

"Of course I am sill. It wasn't that bad." she said sly-like.

"But Cindy, you were in there for an hour. I thought something happened to you." he gasped.

"Well Kenny, you know it is my turn. So I dare you to...." before she could get the last few words out Kenny ran away.

Cindy laughed out loud and yelled after him, "I GUESS THIS MEANS YOUR THE SCAREDY CAT HUH?!"

The End!

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