Done Dreaming

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The purpose of the poetic tale is to raise awareness to an epidemic and that epidemic is bullying.

Submitted: November 24, 2015

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Submitted: November 24, 2015



Now this tale is about a kid you knew but none of you noticed,

 while most kids had friends only his pen was the closest,

 he lived alone with his mom single parent and all that,

 she couldn't afford the best gear so his clothes were all wack,

 lone wolf kept to himself and spoke low,

 at school sat quietly and laughed at his own jokes,

 for its hard to make friends getting picked on and laughed at,

 but of course there was a girl half Latina and half black,

 he thought about her constantly and dreamed of her sweet smell,

 wrote about her in his poem book with passionate detail,

 in his mind he never thought that she would fall for his wack ass,

 so he said fuck it passing her a note up in math class,

 the note said "Do you like me?" check yes or check no,

 his heart beat faster than the beat from some techno,

the time spent waiting was driving him crazy,

 when she passed the note back she had wrote down maybe,


This morning when he awoke put on his pants and his best shirt,

took a rag to his shoes and removed the fresh dirt,

 hit the bathroom and brushed his teeth like six times,

 felt his world turn like three ones and six dimes,

 slipped out the door with his books and a neat note,

 constructed with passionate poems that he wrote,

 hit the school smiling in search of his new love,

 slipped her a note and said "to you my blue dove",

 but someone snatched the note "what the fuck is this shit?",

"you passing notes to my fucking girl you dipshit?",

 this kid starts to stutter "wha-wha she's your girlfriend?",

then he felt his mind transcend to a whirlwind,

 dude smacks his face knocks him down to the hall floor,

 kicks him in his face he spits blood with his jaw sore,

 pain fills his brain but it wasn't the worst yet,

the dude rips his poems up as if they were worth-less,


This morning his doesn't awake but only because he couldn't sleep,

 his offers him comfort but to her he doesn't speak,

 for he knows she doesn't understand and she can't fathom,

 he looks in the mirror sees a stranger and laughs at him,

 gets dressed black hoodie matched by black jeans,

 all black attire to mourn his past dreams,

 he heads to school again but this time as a new bro,

 walks into school head high but his eyes low,

steady scanning the halls looking hard for his payback,

 and what he had for him was way more than a face smack,

 now who does he see giving is cold grin?,

 same bitch hugged up kissing her boyfriend,

 same shit dude pipes up talking reckless,

 the kid puts a gun to his neck like a necklace,

 the halls grow quiet all you can hear is a gun cock,

 he says I'll split your mother fucking face with one shot,


And that's where I end this tale. I can't say that this is a true story, but I will say that its inspired by the current epidemic in the united states. If this was a news headline the masses would speak out about gun violence, but none would address bullying and the main contributing factor to this tragedy. 

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