i decided to be alive!!

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i truly believe that there is a difference btwn just living and being alive, and when you decide to let go of your emotional baggage to love and live freely without fear, then you cant help but feel alive, like life finally has purpose.

Submitted: August 05, 2008

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Submitted: August 05, 2008



in living...

i often found it difficult

to give freely

the most beautiful of gifts

instead, most of the time

i found it exceptionally easy

to hold onto and carry the heaviest emotion

in living..

i have often felt the need

to defend my heart with anger

and instead of protecting it,

i soon found out that i did it more harm

there is after all...

so much baggage that a heart can carry

and so ...

with a heart on the brink of death

i decided to stop living

and to actually be alive

and in being alive....

my love overpowered my anger

and in being alive,


yet so much lighter

and when you're alive...

i have learnt that

so much happiness tracks you down

and trust me... it will find you!

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