"tears of death'

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a poem about death and also about life

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



"Tears of death"


A tear of death rolls down my eye

I look in the mirror and watch myself cry

I wonder why you left I wonder why your gone


Ever since you left I feel so alone


The razor slips so easily through my white toned skin


The blood runs out so fast I know what I did was a sin


I think of everything life has thrown my way


There’s a knock on my door I don’t answer I have nothing to say


I see my blood stained white satin sheets


I start to feel woozy i feel so incomplete death came so fast I didn’t know what to do


When the angel came she looked just like you


She said listen up my son because I have something to say


You and your life shouldn’t have turned out this way

  I’m sorry i have to left I’m sorry I had to go


But god called me home and this you know

A tear starts to roll down my eye I look at here and start to cry


She says dry up your tears my son and do not cry because honey it is ok it’s not your time to die.


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