Awaken My Sister

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short story about a girl named Holly and her sisters. They're all triplets and when Holly is left in charge, things start to go amiss. Now Holly has to choose kill, or be killed?

Submitted: December 21, 2007

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Submitted: December 21, 2007



Awaken My Sister

This is my story and my characters. I shall COPYRIGHT IT!! MWAHAHA!!! Ahem. Enjoy.

Megan stepped from the grave her face as pale as the dead. Was this grave she fell into to be hers? Was it an ominous warning? Whatever it was she didn’t like it. Suddenly footsteps sounded behind her. They seemed to be in tune with her heartbeat…

Crrraaaccckkk! A figure jumped up in fright from the seat they had just taken on the couch. Heart beating frantically she looked around for the source of the noise. Then looking embarrassed at her sudden movement, she sat back down and picked her book back up.

No more horror stories during thunder storms, Holly, she thought, feeling stupid. Next thing you know I’ll be surrounded by men with needles telling me I’m going to take a nice little nap.

Pacified by this amusing thought she began to read again. As another crash of lightning sounded, though she thought better of it. A quick glance at the clock showed it was 11:00 p.m. Another glance out her window, showed the storm raging outside. Holly’s favorite thought about lightening storms was comparing them to men.

It’s like when a boy shows off for a girl. Then another boy suddenly fancies that girl and shows off even more. That’s how lightening is, they show off their lights one by one trying to impress her.

While marveling in her thoughts, Holly was oblivious to everything; the open book still in her lap, the storm raging outside, her sisters screams….

“Wait!” Up she went as the cries echoed throughout the house. “Holly!” They screamed, “Holly, help!”

When I was left in charge by Mom and Dad, they said it wouldn’t be any trouble! Man, I hope everyone’s okay…

“Ouch!” Absorbed in her thoughts Holly had paid no attention to where she had been going. As she had rounded the corner she had accidentally bumped into Violet.

“What’s wrong?” Looking her twin up and down, she nearly cringed. Never had she seen Violet looked so terrified. Her raven black hair, usually very tidy, was twisted around her neck and swept over her face. Pale as she was, right then she was almost transparent.

What’s the saying again, thought Holly, White as a sheet? Well Violet sure brings it justice. I can’t say I’m exactly happy that statement was proved…

“What’s wrong Violet?” she repeated a bit more firmly. As if coming out of a trance she stared up at Holly. Having a clearer view of her face this time she really did cringe. The look on her face was overblown with so much despair that it was nearly emotionless. What gave away her depression were her eyes. The whites of her eyes shown clearly, and her pupils were wide with frustration and terror.

Violet murmured something incomprehensible. “Pardon?” whispered Holly. She was too terrified to talk louder. It almost seemed as if any loud noise would cause her sister to collapse.

“Ivy.” Even bent down closer, Holly still struggled to hear what she was saying, but when she unscrambled it, the meaning hit her full force.

“Where is she? What’s wrong?” Almost on the breaking point of hysteria herself, she struggled to keep control.

“She fainted and she won’t respond at all. Follow me.” Now Violet was emotionless. Even her eyes were blank. The trance and shock of whatever had happened had set in. Not sure if she wanted to know what she would find, Holly followed. Violet went back upstairs and started walking to the computer room. The door was closed. Holly hesitated as Violet just stood there, as unwilling to open the door as Holly was.

Placing her hand on the doorknob, she shook off feelings of mortal despair and dread. Then bracing herself she pushed and gasped.

“Oh no, no it can’t be.” Tripping in her haste, she crawled over to her other twin sister. If her eyes had been closed it would have seemed that she had been sleeping. But there she was with her eyes unblinking and her skin as pale as the moonlight. Desperately, Holly shook her and shook her. But she, of course got no response.

“Dead?” she cried, “She just can’t be dead.” This whole time Violet watched her unseeingly shaking her head morosely. Then she jumped, ran over to Holly and shook her.

Looking up Holly saw Violet’s wide eyes and hopeful features. Suddenly and slowly Violet jerked her hand out pointing at Ivy’s body. Holly looked over through blurry tears. Wiping them away in shock, she blinked a few times to make sure she was seeing correctly.

Ivy was sitting up and looking around. Then spotting them, she got an odd gleam in her eyes. After a while and quite a bit of staring, Ivy started to laugh. First her usual bell-like laughter, and then it changed. It became deeper, more maniacal. The expressions of both Holly and Violet changed from joy, to immediate concern.

Violet jumped out to grab Ivy and shake her a bit, instead Ivy reached for her. The hands of what had seemed to belong to a small child had disappeared. The hands were now deadly and set to kill as they tightened around Violet’s throat. The laughter was gone. What had replaced it was a very un-Ivy like look. Her eyes had steeled and her face had gone blank. There was though, to Holly’s astonishment and fear, a small evil grin playing on her face that seemed to like the thought of murder.

“Sister, concerned for my well being are you?” A voice that did not belong to Ivy’s purred. “How sweet, too bad I don’t feel the same for you.”

Violet gasped and turned paler and paler as the life drained from her eyes. She’s going to die if I don’t do anything, thought Holly. Without thinking more of it she rushed into Ivy catching her off guard. Then, loosening the hold of Ivy’s hands around Violet’s neck, she grabbed her unconscious sister and ran.

Gaining sudden strength from her fear she sprinted into her parent’s bedroom. Setting Violet carefully on the bed she let herself collapse in shock.

My little Ivy, what happened to you? Ever since Holly could remember Ivy had always been the sweet fragile one out of the triplets. She never argued with either of them and always forgave them even for the biggest mistakes. But then why was she so murderous all of a sudden?

Shakily, she rose from her spot on the floor. Something had to be done. As much as she loved her sister she had to make sure Ivy didn’t do something she would later on regret. Holly grabbed the phone on her mother’s nightstand. If only they were here… Shaking these thoughts out of her head she dialed 911 and put the phone to her ear. BEEP BEEP BEEP…… The lines had died. Oh goodness the storm! I’d forgotten… All the lines are down and I won’t be able to get a hold of… anyone…So that’s it. Holly sank dumbly back to the floor. Ivy’s going to kill us. No, that wasn’t the way to think. Rising up again she brought forth the hope that had given her sudden strength.

Ivy wouldn’t kill them. Not sweet innocent Ivy. But either way Holly had to fight back until their parents came home at least. At the next sound Holly heard though she nearly collapsed back down on the floor and shut her eyes, footsteps. Closer and closer they were coming. Unfortunately, Holly recognized the steps. Words echoed back into her head, “Suddenly footsteps sounded behind her, they seemed almost in tune with her heartbeat…”

Clumsily Holly struggled towards her dad’s nightstand remembering he kept rope in there for emergencies. Well this is an emergency thought Holly. Tripping and grazing her knee on the side of the bed she reached the stand. Then she fumbled blindly through the drawer as her panic rose along with her heartbeat. The door creaked open and Holly pulled out the thing that was closest to her hand and pointed it at Ivy.

Time seemed to stop. Why of all the things she could have gotten, did she have to grab this? Her father’s gun was trembling in her hand as she found it pointed at her beloved sister’s chest. Ivy’s grin seemed to widen malevolently.

“Alright then,” She whispered tauntingly, “kill me. I don’t care. Surely I won’t regret it. You’ll be the one suffering the regret of killing me. Then again you could drop the gun. Of course then you would have given up your chance of survival. For I’d have to kill you as soon as that gun dropped to the ground”

Holly was torn between indecision. Kill or be killed? Looking back and forth between the gun and her sister she could have just sat down and cried. But of course that would be stupid because seconds later she’d most likely be dead. Her eyes drifted to Violet’s unconscious body. If hearts could tear in two Holly’s would be in pieces. Kill or be killed… not only would I die, but so would Violet. Looking at the gun Holly gulped and made her decision.

“Kill me.” The grin on Ivy’s face faded almost instantly at these words.

“Excuse me?” Her voice was like steel. Holly swallowed while feeling her heart beat faster. Odd, almost as if it knew how close death was.

“You heard me. Kill me. But on one condition.” She motioned the gun over at Violet and put a mask of indifference on her face. “Leave her alone. Obviously you knew I couldn’t kill you. But I’m going to make sure you don’t regret the killing of two of your sisters.”

Ivy looked between Violet, the gun, and Holly. Then she shrugged nonchalantly. “Okay fine whatever.” Holly stared at her and then sighed. I’ll have to take her word for it. Then reluctantly she threw the gun at Ivy and closed her eyes. Suddenly, came the maniacal laughter that Ivy had previously adopted. Holly reopened them to find Ivy right in front of her.

“You really thought I was going to obey that stupid little promise of mine didn’t you? Well you were wrong. Not only am I going to kill you both, but I’m going to make sure you watch me kill her first.” Ivy then aimed the gun at Violet’s head and pulled the trigger.

“No!!” screamed Holly, as she jumped in front of Ivy.

CRACCCKKKK!!!! Holly fell out of her seat on the couch screaming. Looking around wildly for Violet and Ivy she could barely stand up. Where was she and where was Ivy? Spotting the scary story she had been reading earlier she smiled relieved and unbelieving at the same time.

“It- it was a dream.” She whispered, then a bit more strongly, “A dream!” Quiet you idiot. You’re not sure yet that it was a dream. Maybe you were knocked unconscious or something. Softly Holly tiptoed up the stairs her heart pounding in her throat. As she peaked around a corner she jumped with fright and very nearly had a heart attack.

There stood Ivy, her Ivy. Not the crazy psychotic one who wanted to murder her, but the true sweet Ivy. She could tell because of her expression. It was soft and had no signs of wanting to kill on it. Although it was a bit pale, and why did her eyes looked so terrified with fright?

“Ivy.” She was almost too afraid to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Holly watched as Ivy swallowed and struggled to find the words to speak. “Violet just fainted,” Every bone in Holly’s body seemed to freeze. “And she’s not responding.”

The End…


Yep. That was my awesome-o scary story. I hope you liked it!

© Copyright 2020 PoeticDarkness. All rights reserved.

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