Points of View

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This is a "poem" type thing about a boy and a girl. Both of them love each other but neither can tell the other. Slightly depressing. Enjoy!

Submitted: December 19, 2007

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Submitted: December 19, 2007



Points of View


Do you love me?

Please say you do.

I turned around not believing what he'd just asked. My face turned red and I took a deep breath. "I lo-" it had almost come out. But then I'd looked into his eyes.

Our friendship. Would these words ruin it?

I turned my back towards him and closed my eyes.

Why did I ask?...

"What's wrong?" I asked playfully. "It's not nice not to answer."

Plus it's not nice to keep me waiting.

I put on a fake smile and faced him. "I'm not a very nice person."

And I can't answer. I'll never be more than a friend to you...

"Aw come on. Just answer it."


My grin faded and I looked away from him. "I love ya like a brother." I whispered.


"Oh." I turned away.

Of course.

The tension pressing in was relentless. I had to say something to break it. "How bout you. Do you love me?" Why did that question have to come out!?

My voice had sounded so indifferent. Really, though, if he said yes... please just please say yes!

Yeah, I do.

I smirked casually at her. "Love ya like a sister." I lightly ruffled her hair and walked away.

No. I love you much more than that!

A sister... of course... why can't I just tell him?

Why can't I just spit it out?

I love him.

She's my life.

He'll reject me.

I'm just a "brother" to her.

I suppose I'll never be able to say...

Guess I'm too scared to say...

I love you....


Hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing it. Here's a color key if you were confused.

dark blue: What the boy said and thought a bit.

black: What the boy REALLY thought and meant.

hot pink: What the girl said and thought a bit.

dark purple: What the girl REALLY meant and thought.

I'll try to write other things soon!!! Goodbye and keep reading!


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