Who's Really There

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Long thoughts go a long way

Submitted: November 22, 2010

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Submitted: November 22, 2010



Look closely at the scratches edged into the wall.

Hear the silence of the room shaded with gold sunrises and sunsets.

See not those.

See not the empty white glared room.

Where a silent flame sits alone.

Take your eyes from the faded blue outside the window.

Question not the desolate.

But be aware of that one.

That one sees nothing

Feels nothing

Knows nothing

Follow the footsteps that carry the heavy wind.

Walk in the footsteps that leaves tracks from everything behind it.

It brings it with them.

Can you see the nothing of it all.

Can you hear nothing

Can you see nothing

It can't be heard or seen.

That one has felt cold silver

That one has felt hot gold.

That one has loathed those floors tiled with porcelain and wood.

Shadows leave that one afraid to look up and see

 Afraid to walk in those steps.

When eyes do not gaze downwards from every stare then heads can rise to the sky.

Everything will be seen.

But beyond those gold and white faded rooms is only what they hope would be

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