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This is an introduction to why I write my poems.

Submitted: February 22, 2009

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Follow my mind and a whole new world you shall see
A vast array of expressions of the true me
On topics simple and in great detail as well
Which way my thoughts will go, well only rhyme will tell

Words to provoke wonder, encourage questioning
They cover thoughts or feelings about anything
They are not meant to preach or force my thoughts on you
That is something I would not, could not ever do

When you read or hear them with imagination
You see things as I do, through thought navigation
Told in simple words, not parables to decipher
Does not mean that every time you will concur

What I see, hear, or know is what I rhyme about
You are meant to question, certainly even doubt
In fact I want you to challenge what I may say
An alternate answer is what I may convey

When you can feel the words, that is what it is for
The key to thought provocation opens the door
Life can be described just as lessons can be shown
A God given gift and a passion of my own.

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