Hope on a hopeless world

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Hope on a hopeless world...

Submitted: November 17, 2013

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Submitted: November 17, 2013



This world is hot and cold

Big and small

Fun but scary all at the same time

Who knows when the end comes because I don’t even remember when it started?

I was put into this world to make the best of me and those around me

But not everyone is brave enough to do so

Because they all feel we are in a race

But by the time they get to the finish line

I hope it won’t be too late

If you really look into my eyes you are really looking into my soul

And is as true and clear as it can get

And if you got a soul like mine

I’ll rescue you from this hell

Even when is cold I still feel the heat

And even when the sun is out I still feel the rain

So many questions but not enough answers

So we create our own answers hoping they are right

If there is a heaven I want to go straight there

As for hell, I believe it is where we are now

Full of those that judge and those that hate

I still live my life and love as much as I can

Because I won’t lose hope

On a world so hopeless 

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