This poem is about a person who misses out on the world because they can only see the beauty in one thing

The outside world frightens me

it lays in wait for the perfect moment

when death steals my life

it will stand over my lifeless remains

with a clean smirk on its face

but I never plan on giving it the satisfaction

I have retreated into my shelter and will never leave

the solitude of my safeguarded shelter

soothes my soul

I wouldn’t dare break the silence

by stepping a foot into the in the remote abyss

I’ve herd the world steady moves and changes

never leaving any signs of directions

abandoning us, without a tear

my shelter stays my refuge

I relish its warmth, and affection

having it is my greatest luxury

I would never give it up

even if they took my world away

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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