My Everyday Curse

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when i was younger i was extremelly self conscious so i wrote a poem about my strugle

Submitted: January 17, 2010

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Submitted: January 17, 2010



My world feels like it comments on whatever I see

and the majority of the people are my worst enemy

the mistaken stares feel like there burning through my skin

and they take all my attempts to better myself as a


I feel im never alone and my thoughts are all I hear

im constantly thinking in my mind and that’s what I fear

I feel like screaming out as loud as I can

but the attention would attract the feeling I cant stand

I cry that im bleeding inside and I cant be healed

because the cause of the roots of my problem are still unrevealed

so I search for an answer that’s feels impossible to find

or just a person that shares the same problem as mine

in the hope to prove im not crazy as it may seem

and that I wasn't put up against the world with alone with no team

I face it constantly and it continues to get worse

and all I ask for is an answer to this curse

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