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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kai, is any modern day celebrity, but he has modern day demons in a world he sees as colorless. Where's the colorful life that's suppose to come with fame?

Table of Contents

Rain Rain, Go away..

Rain Rain, Go Away   I guess I'm kind of weird, cause my favorite type of weather is the rain. I guess... Read Chapter

Since I Lost My Baby

Since I Lost My Baby   We were both crazy, and stayed high off each other. She was the electric that brought my gu... Read Chapter

This Is Here, That Was There

This Is Here, That Was There My past affects the future, the future is a result of my past, I begin to become the thin... Read Chapter

Only Time Till Walls Fall

Only Time Till Walls Fall Brick walls start off strong...but even they crack over time, they'll become so broken...they'll be&nb... Read Chapter

Only Bad Thing Bout A Star..

Only Bad Thing Bout A Star..   Twinkle, Twinkle, little star. When I fall, I wonder how far. My fingers thump the ... Read Chapter

Time Capsule

Time Capsule   "Kai! Kai take this and hide it! Make sure they don't find it!" Cedric yells as he rushes upstairs with ... Read Chapter

I wish I could go brain dead, then I wouldn't feel. I wouldn't miss her, and him, I wouldn't have these wounds t... Read Chapter

The Blame is On Me

I know I havent updated in a long time, so as a reminder: Jess, a girl that Dre has always liked, and a girl that Kai lusted for is coming over for breakfast. Read Chapter

Come Commit Your Sin

Refresh because you's been years. Kai (coke addict) Just recently injured his ex girlfriend at her B-day party due to... Read Chapter

Can't Take Back What You Said

Forgot to mention, Kai is a famous rock star, Tressure is the ex-girlfriend's name, and Dre is short for Aundre. Can't Take... Read Chapter

More Powerful Than Powder

More Powerful than Powder My fist hovers in front of the door. This knock…is either gonna help you, or hurt you. I close ... Read Chapter