Love can cause insanity, insanity can cause sin.
This novel is based off of my short story "Cold Kiss". It's an alternate version of the story, so somethings are different.

Table of Contents

The Beginning

Love can cause insanity, insanity can cause sin. Read Chapter

Lightning and Thundering Nights.

Lightning & Thundering Nights "Don't you move now boy." The white man says, as he's now very close. "Sir, I wasn't." I s... Read Chapter

Dear Secret Keeper.

Dear Secret Keeper Nov 13, 1848 Darling secret keeper, I once again must confide in you, on account that I still have not became ... Read Chapter

The Stupid Slave Girl.

The Stupid Slave Girl  (Back to Angel's POV) The window in my room gives me the best view in the world. Yes, it gi... Read Chapter

Thank You

Thank You Dear self, Writing a letter to myself seems to be the only way I can get such emotions like stress, anger, or sadness o... Read Chapter


Charmed  I watch from a safe distance as Angel leaves the dining room and makes his way up the stairs. He is ... Read Chapter

A Plot of Vengeance

A Plot of Vengeance  Remi POV How dare that bastard put his hands on my Angel! I stomp around in my room angry at myself for... Read Chapter

Remi, Why?

Remi, Why? I stand outside the dining room waiting for Remi. She wants to take a night-time ride on her horse, and I have t... Read Chapter

Act I, Begins

Act I, Begins  Worlds Collide and days are dark.  You may have my number, you can take my name, But you'll neve... Read Chapter

Noises from Below

Noises From Below Remi POV He's mine, he's mine, he's mine! For a second I thought he didn't love me like how I love him, but now... Read Chapter

Hearts Can Beat Fast....

Hearts Can Beat Fast I break the kiss, and then gently take Charmy's face into my hands. She's really beautiful beyond words. "I-I ha... Read Chapter


Washroom The stroke of the hand, The twist of the knife, Murder becomes a way of life.  I wake up, still i... Read Chapter

Pretend, Reality

Pretend, Reality "You're too paranoid Angel. No one is going to find out about us, or Maria. You know slave runaways do happen."... Read Chapter

Does Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart?

Does Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart? I'm gonna smile like nothings wrong, Pretend like everythings alright,  Act like it's all... Read Chapter

Nightmares, are Dark Realities

Nightmares, are Dark Realities Being good at heart, In a world full of bad,  Now that hurts.  Remi and I are go... Read Chapter


Monsters The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls  ~Edgar Allan Poe  I think, I'm&nbs... Read Chapter

Heart, Stop Hurting!

Heart, Stop Hurting! Are those constantly wanting peace, considered greedy? Why must certain dreams come true? A man was hung... Read Chapter

Sealed With a Kiss

Sealed With a Kiss Why you wanna fly, black bird? You ain't ever gonna fly.  Ain't no place big enough for holding, all ... Read Chapter

He's Cold

He's Cold On the first page, of our story, the future seemed so bright. Then this thing turned out so evil, I don't know ... Read Chapter

Angel With a Shotgun

Angel With a Shotgun Are you a saint, or a sinner?  If loves a fight then a shall die,  with my heart on the trigge... Read Chapter


Resolve? A/N: Before hand, I want to apologize for all the POV switching in this chapter.  Yes, I'm mad,  but ... Read Chapter

When an Angel Sins

When an Angel Sins There are two kinds of secrets:  Those we keep from others,  and those we keep from ourselves.&n... Read Chapter