I Can't by PoeticQueen

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Break ups , broken hearts , feelings change

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



I Can't By Poetic Queen

I can't make you love me See , I can't make you stay.

and any feelings that once stood between us seem to have already come and gone away.

I can't change the outcome of what tomorrow is sure to bring

& I can't change the fact that what you once wanted is something you no longer need.

It was me who waited at your door until you decided to let me inside.

A world which showed no feelings and your true emotions tend to hide.

I just swore to myself that it was me who'd be your rock.

A motivating force who'd soon have the key to your stubbrn lock.

& I must admit that while in progress , that what we had was good.

A fairytale turn't into reality and rewind it back I wish I could.

You see , I can't stop the pace of a love that once was here and has goneby quicker than

a blink of an eye or a love that's here today but by next week the feelings we

had for one another have somehow drifted away. Driving myself constantly

making sure in the eyes of yours I do things "RIGHT"

until I slowed down the pace and realized it's you who's given up the fight.


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