I Gotta Realize By POETICQUEEN

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Sometimes love hurts.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



I Gotta Realize

Igotta realize. .

your love hurts and it's not gonna change.

Come to a fact that your mind is set and your ways are here to stay.

I gotta realize. .

true love isn't you persuading me to get into my pants

and leaving you left satisifed hoping that there will NEVER be a last chance

this just isn't love . .

Gotta realize. .

my faults could actually mean the world to someone new but

the way you tryna hurt me with my flaws change me into something better man

that shit just isn't kew.

Realize. .

that I deserve thee all or nothing, cause half just ain't enough.

Sharing with another ain't my cup of tea and having all of you is never to much.

Gotta Realize. .

that using me is the exact same as abusing me.

Your hurting me thoughts, soul, and spirit and while your feeding me,

lies on a platter it's just not the way to cure it

Come To A Common Understanding. .

that your love is just sinful lust,

reaching a climax then you bust and now the way you say I LOVE YOU

it's just hard for me to trust. .

Form A Conclusion. .

that you want me when it's in it for you.

Promises you cannot keep and things you swore you'd do but you don't.

Wipe my eyes from love that's blind and move on with our lives.


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