More To Life by PoeticQueen

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more to life than this . .

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



More to life by PoeticQueen

& it's gotta be more to life than just this. . .

Love that sweeps you off your feet only to take you to a destination you thought your heart would never ever reach.

Hurting day in and day out as your forced to carry the pity you feel deep within.

& kicking yourself back into gear hoping that soon those pieces will somehow make amends.

Waking up to work your fingers to the bone tryna make ends meet while life's a daily struggle.

You do what needs to be done to provide for your loved ones even if it means you gotta "hustle"

independence , a dime a dozen when theres not a reliable number to dial.

but when the moment calls for laughter it makes the bad times all worth while.

more to life than just this. . .

putting your trust in an individual you soon consider a "friend"

only to find that betrayal beats honesty and the chance of a replenishing friendship is 0 to slim.

having baby's at young ages because you thought he was "the one"

until you realize he was just using you for his side of the fun.

worry stays on the mind rather it's needed to or not.

& we follow the trends of what's "in" because we wanna be remembered never forgot.

WAAAAYY more to life than this.

changing our ways because of what others may think.

fixing our hair , bodys , and style to satisfy the public's view on what's trending instead of what we personally consider unique.

taking life for granted and forgetting our morals of what we truly do believe.

somebody tell me there's more to life than this. . .


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