Motivating Force

Motivating Force Motivating Force

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



-Does true love exist? Find out in "Motivating Force"
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-Does true love exist? Find out in "Motivating Force"

Chapter1 (v.1) - Motivating Force

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-Does true love exist? Find out in

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 22, 2011



Motivating force

Chapter 1

Waking up this morning felt slightly different to me. I wasn't sure if it was the aroma of bacon frying in the kitchen or the stereo playing Marvin Gayes " Heard It Through The Grapevine " which usually meant that dad had either found an interest in a new woman or he was trying to clear his head from old memories with our mom.

See not to long ago my dad Rob and my mom Joleen were together. We were a happy family but every family had their problems. They argued every now and then until it just so happened that there was nothing left to discuss between them. Here's the story :

It was the weekend of my seventeenth birthday. Dad decided to leave for work early and left me money to prepare for the next days festivities. I counted the money and it was eight hundred to spend. My best friend Danielle was there on time and we were headed to the mall. After passing a few blocks I realized I had left my cell phone. It was important because dad is over protective. If I didn't have it to answer when he called he was coming for me " literally". Danielle parked her car as I ran inside for my cell. Only gone for fifteen minutes I snatched the phone off the table and before walking out I heard a strange sound down the hall.

" Hello , Mom?" , I called.

no reply as I began walking down the hall. I slowly opened the door of my mother and fathers room and in their bed lay my mother with another man. My head filled with overwhelming emotions and my mouth dropped as my eyes began to fill and my tears took ahold of me. I ran out of the house and left with Danielle.

That night at dinner was the worst for me. Dinner was silent and no one spoke as mom gave me shameful glares. Her eyes seem to beg for secrecy between us and I could tell she was nervous as she moved her fork against the plate. My brother Daron was closer to my mom where as I was daddy's girl. Keeping this a secret would be hard for me but I did. . . FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS!! until eventually she was caught on her own.

Me and my brother were in the living room studying when we heard dad's SUV pull into the drive way.

" What the hell is goin on here? " , asked my dad as me and my brother stepped unto the porch.

" Rob , I can explain" , my mom begged as she stepped away from the man her lips slyly kissed.

"Don't touch me you worthless women , are you tellin me your cheatin after all i've done for you , for us? " , he explained.

" Rob , it 's nothing , it doesn't mean anything to me , He's just a friend , you've gotta believe me " , she took a deep swallow as she looked him in the eyes.

" Who are you sir?" , Dad asked as he glanced at us giving me and my brother reassurance that everything would be okay.

" I don't want any trouble , im sorry! " , the slim figured man stammered as he back away slowly.

" Just tell me who you are to Joleen" , he ordered.

"Ive been dating your wife for two months now , we are in love " , the man spoke while looking down.

As the words " In Love" slipped his lips dad grew angrier by the seconds and turned to my mom and said , " I love you Joleen but it seems you have found love elsewhere." He kissed her forehead and calmly said " You have fifteen minutes to get your belongings and go."

Confused , my mama said " Where will I go? " , beginning to cry her river as she grabbed his arm.

"Let me go Joleen , you should have thought of that before now , " he replied.

She began packing and before long she was gone.

We haven't seen her since. It's been a whole six months. Life without a mom around is pretty hard but dad has done a decent job with us.Oh , let me tellyou who I am. My name is Stacy Hendricks. Im 17 years old. I attend Calford Dale high school and it just so happens that today is the last day of school.Okay . . So where was I ? Oh yeah , waking up to bacon , eggs , sausage , and pancakes on a friday meant good things.

As I entered the kitchen dad was in a good mood smiling from ear to ear and singing[off key I might add] but atleast he was happy.

" Good morning angel , you excited for the last day of school? , he sang to the beat as he flipped the pancakes.

"Yeah , excited as i'll ever be , I stated sarcastically and I must tell you , the last day of the school year is unpredicable. You never know what's bound to happen. I ate my food quietly as I thought about the days events that would soon be taking place.


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