Until Its Gone By PoeticQueen

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Sometimes you dont realize what you have until its gone.

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012



Until It's Gone

By PoeticQueen

Waiting on the couch for the doorbell to ring.

Lonesome nights I stayed up but hell what does that mean?

Cried myself a river, tears you weren't around to see

Love we didn't get to make, an "us" we didn't get to be.

Expected phone calls that never happened and time you werent around to spend.

An ear you never made available and a shoulder you never tried to lend.

Nights were oh so lonely but it left time to think things through.

Rather to talk things out, let them stay the same, or simply just leave you.

Pain you werent around to cure, feelings you didnt realize were real. A life together we didnt get to live and passion you didnt get to feel.

Desperate plead for attention because you paid me no mind and when I asked for too much it seems your words got outta line.

Karma is a mean bitch and its you who gets to learn its funny how things have changed and took a vice versal turn.

Its you who hopes to have me come and knock upon your door.

Its you who wants me now , I want you less , you want me more. 

Its you who relives my lonelsome nights and tears you share to yourself.

You wanna make the love you missed but dont come asking me for help.

Its you who has all the time in the world, a shoulder and an ear, 

but now that I dont mind the space it seems your always here.

The love I gave was right while you msused it all wrong.

Didnt know what you had until it was gone.




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