"What Goes Around Comes Around" By Poetic Queen

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What Goes Around Comes Around . .

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



"What Goes Around Comes Around" By PoeitcQueen

Pain feels the atmosphere of my soul and tears appear in my eyes when I think of the reasons " Why " !!!

Did what I could to please your needs but when it wasn't enough I was willing to die.

Prove my devotion in any way I could and be the one to fight for you , ride for you I Would.

Never did I ask for too much but just enough to feel your affection

but as I see . . not good enough because she's your new selection.

You were the king of my thrown but in your castle she wore the crown.

Played for the foo , by anothercruel dude and I swear what goes around comes around.

When she breaks your heart ,just dowhat I did.

Get on your knees till they bleed and plead a belivable case.

Tell herwhat your heart is sayingand pray a hopeful prayer that just" might "make her stay

Spend all your money on things you know she likes and do something deep like give her

a ring and call her your " wife ". Ask her with a heart of concern , what you can do to make it

better. Give her sex whenever she demands it even if your sick or under the weather. Cry constant tears

to show her how much you care but in the end , you just won't win ,that girl she won't be there.

When she breaks your heart and leaves you don't you crawl your ass to me.

My strength is building up again and my back turn't is all you'll see.

Broken , scarred up , wombed heart is what I earnt from holding you down.

& I see that it's the truth : " WHAT GOES AROUND , IT COMES AROUND"


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