Would You Have Saved Me/Free At Last by PoeticQueen

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the only way to cure the hurt is to leave . . permanently.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



Would You Have Saved Me/ Free At Last by PoeticQueen

When I found out the truth , road rage cause me to flee.

Begging was your response but I wasn't falling for you plead.

Lied to my face and spit on my name.

Stole my heart and demaged it leaving me with pain.

Pedal to the floor tryna escape from the problem placed up on my plate.

Oh , It just so happens that I have disfunctional brakes.

Came into my life to bring chaos, drama ,lies, and neverending mishaps.

You wanted only to use me like every other girl and I was no different.

Your something like a poisionous snake and your lies are it's venom.

Scared to believe in them but when I do it's killing me slowly but surely eating through thr denim.

Running though these red lights and unabled to yield.

Guess I deserve what's plan to happen next because my heart was young and open I never thought to shield.

Concentrating on the future cuz I scurried from the past.

& death' my new arivial, bettersweet, im free at last.


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