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Writing is about expressing your thoughts whether people agree with you or not.. you'll find people who will relate to your writings and the ones that don't is okay...

Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



Yesterday I woke up trying to be myself

But today I woke up and society had a different plan

I tried not worrying about how I looked today

But society only has eyes to see how we look

I tried letting my personality out to the world

But society rejected it and did not care about what was inside of me

I tried expressing my feelings to the world

But society has shut me down

I thought I knew the purpose of life

But society has confused my thoughts, sending them very very far away

Now I feel like I’m lost in thoughts can someone please help me?

But it feels like everyone is the same; no one is noticing what is going on

When I speak my mind I get called crazy but Crazy I think is the world in which we live in today

I thought I found the meaning of life once

But society has different plans

I thought we were individuals but then why is everyone acting the same?

Are we meant to live by what others think? Are we not allowed to express our most inner thoughts?

The things that matter before are all garbage now and the things that had the less meaning now have the most

Like what size is your waist? Why you so thin? But why you so thick?

Everyone is worrying about the wrong things

I had plans in my life but now is hard because society has shut me down

Everyone claims they are different but everyone is doing the same

Everyone claims they are real but everyone acts like a copy

Where is the true meaning of life? Where did it go?

Because I know is not that one in which society speaks of today

Is not about nature and love anymore is about looks and popularity

What happened to saving our home? Everyone is too worried about saving themselves…

What happened to being kind? Now when I try to be kind everyone acts shocked like they have lost the meaning of kind

Does anyone know the meaning of kind anymore?

I guess not because it often gets confused for weakness

I woke up today with plans for my life

But society blew them away

No one cares about emotions and when I feel like expressing myself I feel like a fool

While my heart is torned into pieces, some people act like if they don’t even have a heart

So What now?

I guess I’ll keep living scared for the rest of my life because I will never give up on expressing my heart…

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