Busy Body's

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I have sadly found some of these people in my life journey. Have you? I am sure some of you have? If so I would like your story or feelings on them,a sad lot they are.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Busy Body's.

(c) 17/4/2010. By Poetlife.

(Chook =Chicken.)


Busy body's

Rush about

Day in and day out,

Like a chook with it's head cut off,

Round and round

In endless cricles,

Run around

With no directions, purpose,

Try to be in too many places

Full of they self importance.

Neither coming or going

Rushing here and rushing there,

Achiveing nothing


Meaningful clear cheer.


They don't have time

Rush past people

They may need or trust,

On they way of greed

Careless to the extreme,

Do not care

Who they push over,

Trample under foot.


If you fall they pass you by,

No hand up can they offer you,

As long as they are the ones

Who appear strong,

Not in the wrong.


Egoistical, pushing, in-sensitive,

They travel life's road.


They have to be some where

Are running late,

For that oh! So important date,

They don't have time to stop and chat,

Time you when

You call then on the phone,

They should have been

Somewhere, with so and so

A long time ago.

Dismiss you,

As they rush about

Hard of heart.




Give them more rope,

Let it out

Let them go

Wait and watch.

The day will surely come

When they are found out.


Remove yourself


They sad path

Move along at your own

Sincere pace and heart,

You are not afraid to face

What life brings

Like them.

Slow and steady wins the race.


Feel sorry for them all,


They rush about,

Not facing - knowing- life on the run

They are afraid to be still,

Go within.

Know who they are,

Fear drives them on each hour

They rush about,

So not to face

Their fears,


In life's race.

They run away from life

They don't realise

It still chases  and one day

will  win the race.



Pray for them,

They need our prayers


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