E -X -C - U- L- S- I- V- E .

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
I find in life's journey some think the are "exculsive"-they are not, they live in a world all their own if they think they are. This is my words for some of them. Hope you relate? A word that specially describes many is LIMITARIAN.
A sad truth for many in places of worship sadly.
I made this comment to one such church person recently.
"Fresh new bread- if kept too long-becomes stale,hard, develops mould."
They didn't like it much.
It's a truth, some pillers (so called) of the Church have been there too long, it becomes man made rules for others, who don't follow them.I try to Only follow God's rules, as do many others.
I was glad I said what I did.
May be it will make some think? Examine their truth?Before they project what they think is their truth onto others?
Your comments, experiences would be welcome here.
No wonder some churchs are empty. There is no living bread there.(As one minister said.)

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



E -X -C -U -L -S -I -V -E.

(c)20/4/2013. By Poetlife.

(My words for the word Exculsive.)


E = Exclusionist.

X = Xenophobia.

C = Condemn.

U = Un-conceivable.

L = Limitarian.

S = Scar.

I = Illiterate.

V =  Vacuous.

E = Empty.


(Hope you may like their meaning?)



Some think they are chosen


The Lord.


Others are but weeds

By the way-side

On the path.


Even weeds have flowers.


You don't want us,

The Lord

Goe's looking for His sheep.


Some act by

Words, thought, deed.


Make many feel like weeds.


Pull up weeds,

By the roots.


Throw on the garbage heap,




Who are truely


The Lord

I ask.


How sad those who think

They are of the Lord.

Make Him  sad, feel, see, know

 Rejection, judgemental behaviour

To others is

Un-fairly given.


Who are the weeds



The exculsive ones?


I will leave all


His hands.


He knows, sees, hears

All hearts, & lives.



You are not.


Pride comes

Before as fall,

The last shall be first,

The first last.


What do these words

Mean to you?

© Copyright 2020 Poetlife. All rights reserved.

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