Inferno Of NSW.

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Fourteen days of January 1994, the brave men & women, we were caught between flames and life, my bag packed to leave any moment & my pet near the front door watching, listening to the news, cooking for the volunteer fire fighters.A true experience, so fearful.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Inferno Of NSW.

(c) 13/1/1994. By Poetlife.

The sun

An orange mask

Burned through,

Those of

Hot despair,

Reflections on parched

Dry thirsty earth,

Glowed orange

In the dirt,

In the stifling air,

Heat of

37-40 degrees.

Sounds loud and near


Helicopters overhead

Continuous flights,


Men brave

Kept us in mind


Nature's and mans plight

The war,


Men and flames.

Went on dawn to dusk,

Into the night,

Back to the dawn,

For fourteen long weary days.

We were kept informed of danger near,

By radio and T.V. news.

Newspapers throught the land.


Human walls,

Formed united fronts

From every State they came

To N.S.W.

Fought weary paths,

Through the roaring flames,

The Spirit of Australia's

Heart was in the

Infernos war.

Heavy air of dark grey smoke,

Roaring flames in the bush,

Stifling air, hot and dry

Every noon,

Fresh strong winds

Flared, the fires

Up to greater heights.

God Bless

Each and every one,

These men and women brave

They are,

The Spirit of Australia's heart,

You were with them

Side by side

Dear God,

You were

With the fighting brave.

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