Life Lived In a Haze-Maze-Daze-Of-Hours-Days-Years.(Someone I know- Story.)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A true story of someone I know narrative, hope you can relate and like it?Hope I did it justice? What do you think?
Your comments would be welcome.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Life Lived In A Haze-Maze-Daze-Of Hours-Days-Years.

(Someone I know- True-Story.)

(c)5/4/2009.By Poetlife.


I realise now at sixty-four,

The years flown by past, fast,

Youth past,

To my regret,

Since you broke your promise

My life and heart,


A young girls hopeful expectant heart.


We had such plans,


So I thought?

Was it all my fault?

At 18 you broke my life and heart,

I married another

In rejections rush,

A mistake,

For both of us.


I lived to regret,

Bitter hours of lonely pain,

Used, abused- by this man

A so called love?



Material things I had.



Ididn't really live,

I now sadly realise.

But battled on to survive!

Hours of life and strife,

Mistakes made in youths hunger,

Hurt- anger,

Desperate fight,


Live a life alive?

Need to be loved.


I now realise

I lived in a daze, maze, haze

Moved to a different tune,

Lived in a different place!

Each and every day.

Went through motions


A so called life?!

Did I really live?

Love an other?

No- not I


Learned many painful hard,

Life's lessons- along the way,

Has made me what I am today.

What am I?

Innocence, trusting, strong,

Taking loved ones

At their word!

What lessons- I have learned.

Loss of grief- I have survived!


All those wasted years- of a lie!

Betrayed, used, abused, beaten up!

Loss of loved ones-long gone.

Years have flown by fast-past,

Too fearful to trust, love men again,

Regrets- wondering-pondering


What my life could?

Would have been?.


Lonely old and grey,

Now I realise

I survived life.

All the years past,


In a haze-maze-daze!

Like I was not me

I was dead on the inside

You see.


So many people- events

Came and went,

In flowing streams- floating past

They went by fast.

Sometimes caught in life's

Moments, rafts

Many now gone,

I hurt

In my deep haze-maze-daze.


I regret these years gone by,

All I hurt- when un-aware,

Dead on the inside

Numbness sang it's sad song!

I ask forgiveness

For the wrong

Ihave done.


You hurt me too!


Am I rejected?

Not respected?

For all I try to do?

Am I so bad? Hard? Mad?

I seek to be understood

By you.

Your rejection stings! hurts!

I am left alone to grieve

In my illness- tears- of old age.


Yet I am not alone,

I am ever so blessed

By divine Grace

In this place,


You see

The Lord, looks after me.


(Thanks for sharing,this true story of some life regrets-hope many relate?)


© Copyright 2020 Poetlife. All rights reserved.

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