Life's Page.

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Life's Page of our hours,days, years.

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



Life's Page.(c) 19/4/2012.

Each day

Is a blank new page.

Write , paint brush

In reflection of our ways.

Tells a story,

Shares hours we spend

In different ways

With those who touch our days.

Shades of emotions,

Come and go,

Colours of our moods displayed.

Turn the page,

With fingers of time,

Full of memories, events


Our days, ways.

Everything changes, moves on

Some hang on ,

Don't want change.

Do we learn from,

Joyful, laughter, sorrow, loss, tears, healing,

All pass away,

In fleeting time

Memories leave behind.

Till next we fill

Our page of life.

Some start,

New fresh blank page

Write a new experience,

Share new ways.

Let go of the past

As it is gone.

Express their days,

With those who touch,

Pass by them.

Others hang on to the past,

Memories good or bad, sad

Linger on

In mind, soul, heart.

No experience is the same

Treasure these moments in time shared,

Before they too

Fade away into our yesterdays.

I have shared this day of my life with you,

I hope it has been

A healing journey for us both,

Till next we

Turn life's page.

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