Nose's On Life's Face.

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I have sadly found some are nose's on life's face, stick their nose where it doe's not belong,what they don't know -can't find they make up,spread malicious gossip to their friends.
Never tell them anything, if they gossip about others to you, they will in time gossip about you too.
I never repeat what is shared with me, if one want's to share with another they will tell you too.
Never trip over your own tongue.Ss my advise I share with you.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Nose's On Life's Face.

(c)28/4/2010. By Poetlife.


Some are nose's on life's face,

Sniff about to find

Facts they think


Faults in others lives.



Spread their germs, sneeze

Give others a cold, flu,

Make some a handkerchief


Blow they germs on to.

Make a tissue flushed away

In toilets flow.


Never become a cotton handkerchief

To absorb their nasty germs

They love to spread

Better stay away,

From these sniffers


Life's race,

They will come un-stuck one day.


You don't want to catch their toxic germs,disease,

Watch your health,


In your reality,

They don't exist.

Smile and wave,

Don't go near- keep a safe distance,

Ignore, ignore,ignore

The nose's on life's face

Exit by wisdom

Into a safe place.


They are the are the pests of life

One comes across


Let out the rope to them,

more and more.



The day will surely come,

When they trip over their own tongue.

They will meet saomeone,

Just like them.



Watch, wait,

See the fun.

At a distance

You are safe.

They are such

A scar/scab on life's face.



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