Ocean Light.

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Ocean, Sea, light, nature, life, waves.

Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



Ocean Light.

By Poetlife.(c) 9/4/2009.

Surface flowing silver light,


Waves gentle

Beautiful chiffon scarf,

Grey, silver,

Face of light.

Scarf flows, blows gently moving,

Bright light, grows moving.


Horizon pale water colour wash of grey,

Greets sky,

Brushed by shades of grey.

Growing slowly, gently up

Shades of mellow glow of light,

Turning bright.


Ocean surface


Sky of silver,

Light high above

Peaceful atmosphere of slowly,

Spreading growing, moving light.


Such beauty in my sight,

Timeless, gentle, moving, growing light,

Combined in sky and ocean. 

Day advancing, growing,

I search for blue of sky and ocean,


Past stillness of silver glowing, flowing light.

Framed by gums of native bush

Bright green leaves, trunks of mottled cream, brown ,gold.

Swaying in a dance,

Gentle breeze moves past.


Dotted in distant sky,

Birds flying past fast,

Sounds of birds song,

 Clear abounds.

Oceans song silent

Gives way to their calls and songs.

Stillness, peaceful, silent,

Sky, ocean quiet in awareness.


I love this time or morning,

 Songs of nature's heart,

Grows rises to creshendo,

No human noise encroaches.

Combined in nature's stage

In stillness symphony,

Over looked by life's rush

By many humans.


Gallery of living art,

Nature's beauty displayed,

Surround us all so much.

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