R-U -M -O -U -R -S.

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Rumours, stagnant,hurt, lies, spread like a cancer, un-welcome. lives,etc'

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



R -U -M -O -U -R- S.

(c) 22/4/2013. By Poetlife.


Stagnant water, dirt, smell

Float in a glass bowl of life,

Passed from hand to hand.


Round and round.


Stagnant water ,


Rorateing held in hands,

Moved in circles,

Passed from one to another



Stagnant water smelly

Dirt, round and round

Swirled in

The bowl of life,

Stench rises up,

Meets the nostrils.


Dirt in specks

Float, twirl,

Round and round

It swirls.

Stops rotateing for a moment.


Dirt settles to the bottom

Some still float

In circles,

Visible to the eyes,

Mind, heart.


The wrong to another in time,

Till passed once more


Hand to hand,

Mind to mind.


Swirling starts all over

Once more.

Round and round

In circles

The stagnant water swirls.


When left alone

True colours emerge.


Emptied, cleaned,

Stagnant water is released,

Poured out

With dirt and smell.


Dirt in minds, hearts, lives

Lingers on,

Takes a while

To die down.


Do those wronged

Stand up and speak out?

Stop the stagnant water,

Dirt, smell.

Swirled about.


I do not know

Only time will tell,

I leave all in

The Lord's hands.


He is truth,

I have found

What goe's round,

Comes round in time.


Sow a seed

In rotton soil,

It will be choked

By weeds in time.

Die in stagnant

Dirt, smelly waters


Time, grime.


How many have been hurt,


In the mean while

Un-justice, judgemental ,

Corrode, fester

Fear replaced by love divine.


Some minds

Murder committ

Of life,

If we allow it.


Changes, direction, shape,

Rumours when started

Flow on and on

Hurt lives,

They spread like wild fire of disease

Hard to contain,

Stopping them is hard to do,


Story, truth, changes

To a different tune,

As they roll along life's path

Silent killer

They become.


I place all in the hands


The Lord.

Hope I am not a silent killer

Are you?


Like gossip,

Things shared repeated hurt.

Rumour= silent killer.


What is not known,

Is made up

In minds,

Stagnant water

Dirt dished out.


Because many are blind

Do not see

The light within

Shine out to reach, touch

Created life.

Colours, mingle form

Shine forth,

Do you see them?

As do I?


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