Racism-Bullys- Bias. etc:

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I saw a discussion on the ugly subject of racism on TV recently-(As I have many times on bullying too).
I share my thoughts with you the readers. On this ugly scar in society today.Sadly.
These are just my thoughts on the issue-please feel free to add your own or share stories with us-if you like?(No I haven't yet written a poem about it?-feel free to -if you like?)

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013




25/5/2013. (c) By Poetlife.

I write this article, because I felt I had to - voice my opinion on the matter-which was a discussion on TV recently.

These are just my thoughts on the issues.

You are welcome to add your own.


I find racism, bullying, bias-

Are the ugly scar in society.

People who are all the above are to me, un-informed, ignorant, fearful. Brain-washed by others-can't think for themselves.

Do bully's who are children today? Become bully's as they grow? Into Adults? Are they bullyed?It's not only children/teenagers  in schools, life  are bullyed.

Its adults too.

In a marriage? Life? Single people? Divorced people? Disabled people? In business? Childless women? Weight-(over or under)? Looks-Beautiful or plain? Religion?  Back-ground? Country? Skin colour?-Language? illiterate? Illegitimate? Single  parent? Homosexuality?The list goes sadly on & on.

To name just some in life I have discovered?

Why do we have to conform to they way of thinking? Life?

Who is right? us? Or them?

No one is my answer-we all loose out when we behave like this.


Racism raises it's ugly head .


I have heard it said God created man equal. (Is it in the USA constitution?)


But do we all stay equal? 

Some grow, shrink, are lost in darkness.

Don't use the God given talents/gifts they are given -to grow, help others.

I feel this is what the parable on the talents is? Matt,25;14-30. Means? Among others in the Bible.

Awaken to Christ's love & light, now. Grow, become one with Him & others who are lost in darkness,

I feel all addictions are prisons-They don't set people free- like you & me.

I was once also in this prison- I asked the Lord to release me & He did. Release me. So you see I know.

I know also it's a fact -"seek & you will find"- "Ask & it will be given unto you-" "Knock and it will be opened-"

Only when we do all three and believe and accept.


Is also a hurtful issue, many experience it in life- Why? What are some people afraid of?

I have experienced all three in my journey through life-Let me tell you it not only hurts, it makes me an out-sider, & angry, lost, disappointed.

I feel I am not good enough? It's not those who are rejected by some that are lost-

It's the ones that do the rejecting, need help now.

I could share my stories on all the above with you readers sometime- I won't today,

(I have written a poem-which some professional wrote music to and was performed in public-"Where is love -in the World today?" I got an answer over twenty years later-I will pray about sharing here one day-if it's The Lord's will.)

I have been hurt, angry, felt  mis-understood, rejected by some people like this in the past-

(Some where even family- would you believe? Those I loved.)

Clicky -ness is another issue that excludes one-it hurts. (I have also experienced in Church?)

Some are such hypercritics.


Why do some appear so blind to their own faults- yet spend time pointing out faults to others?

(The Bible again.)

Another example is

Recently some one left comments on my work in another website, the were 'malicious' non- constructive' they appear to follow me around leaveing their "grapes are sour" comments on my work??!!

I don't even know them.

Talk about them having a problem?

And attempts at bullying.

You know what I do(even though it's hard)


My consolation is The Lord  ONLY-knows the truth-of each heart, life, journey. May he protect and teach us all, Love,

I know I don't always- may He teach me to do so.

I am not perfect- never claimed to be-with me what you see is what you get.

Thanks for sharing- don't know why I shared this issue?

(You can also read my thoughts on life's journey here if you like? Comment?)

Till later-blessings.-, I leave you all in the Lord's hands,as I do me

In His love & light.


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