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I wrote my meaning of the word 'SUSPICION." As it makes me very angry and indignant.When not warranted.
Un-fairness makes me angry.I have experienced this in Church would you believe? Others clickness, thoughts, words, actions, rejection /judgemental behaviour hurts.
Hope you may like it?

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




(c) 20/4/2013. By Poetlife.

(This is what the words means to me.)


S = Segregate.

U= Unconvinced.

S = Sceptic.

P = Parasite.

I = inhibit.

C = Conciousness.

I = Intimidate.

O = Obliterate.

N = Naive.


Suspicion also  = Distrust.



Your suspicion is your own choice,

Don't project it

Onto me , us.

Suspicion of others? me?

Our Ways? Days?.

Rejection, judgemental behaviour hurts,

Didn't fear, ignorance

Also reject Love & The Lord?

My hearts intentions are pure,

Are yours?

You reject me,

Don't you also the Lord?

His gifts are given

To be used,

Not abused.

Who is rejected?

You or me?

I want to share

Will you accept me?

Let me?

Be a vessel of the Lord's


He gives to all,

Many gifts He freely gives

Do we open to them?

Use His gifts

As He intends?


Bring all to Him.

No sadly

Not all.

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