Sea Eagle.

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I saw this event one day as I sat & looked out to sea, was stunning.

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



Sea Eagle.

(c)5/5/2010.By Poetlife.

I look up

Watch you in awesome joy, delight,

Canopy above of blue

Spread wings ,

Your grace, majestic strength,

You soar,

Float On estuary, Oceans warm currents above.

Danger to life below,

Framed by distant mauve misty hills,

Carpeted in native bush and hues,

Islands below.

Fingers of distant

Waves foaming below.

Your hunting calls, songs

Mingle with waves, oceans song

Rushing to the island once more.

Circle in majestic shape

In calls of your hunting performance, dance, race.

Eyes focused, zoom in on pray,

I hold my breath

Wait , watch

This shared magic moment in time

Your majestic grace

I will try to share.

Will I see

You dive so fast

Hit your target strong and fast

Grasp fish in your claws of steel

Traped in claws of death,

They can't escape.

Do you see me

As I do you

I feel sure you do.

In my memory

This shared moment remains

Majestic spance of feathered wings.

Dance on

In natures light and love, space


Your grace.

Feathered fisher


Strength and grace,

Reach sure and fast

Feet spread out

With claws to trap

Your fleeing, swimming, prey

Up you lift them sure and fast,

Dripping of crystals,

High in space of your dance.

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