Silly Willy.(Australian Children's Narrative Of Some Of The Australian Flora & Fauna)

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Narrative for children of some of the Australian flora & Fauna with water colour illustrations-waiting by me-to be shared & published.

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Silly Willy.

Narrative with water colour illustrations-of some ofthe Australian, flora & fauna.

(c)15/3/2005. By Poetlife.

Billy= Australian round tin-can with loose handle & lid,used as a bush kettle.

Kookaburra.+ Laughing jackass, the great king fisher.

Galah,= pale pink and grey parrot who is supposed to be stupid? Silly Willy is a Galah.)

Magpie. = Med :-sized black & white bird, who calls shrilly. Some Australian native birds.

Koala=Small marsupial who lives in Gum trees-eats certain gum leaves only.

Gum tree= Eucalyptus+Gum tree with flowers (somes times red, pink, cream) Native to Australia.

Lily Pilly=Australian native tree.



"Oh!" said Silly Willy, (Galah.)

" What a handsome filly,

So friendly,

Not a dilly,

I like your ways,

How do you spend your days?'

Whistle! whistle!

"We move as one,

Come closer hon,

Whistle, whistle!

Wink! wink!

Have some fun."



"No! no!

Silly Willy,

It's no filly!

That's your reflection! ( you see your-self )

In a billy.

Ha! ha! Oohha! oohha!"

Laughed, Wacko Jacko kookaburra

At Silly Willy,

"Ha! ha! Oohha ooha !,( Raucous-Sound/call made by kookaburra.)

"Come see the side show,

Silly Willy,

An the billy."



" Where?What ?"

Says Winky Wally,

An Blinky Winky, koalas.(They sleep most of the time-except at night.)

" We don't hurry, (They are slow moving.)

Cause it's a worry

We see Silly Willy,

What's that you say?

An a dilly?"




" No! no!

It's Silly Willy,

An a billy".

Laughed Wacko Jacko,

At Winky Wally and Blinky Winky.

"I'm so sleepy

It makes me weepy


Blinky Winky to Winky Wally.

"I don't see Silly Willy

An a dolly?"




"Over here",

Says creepy crawley,

From the back of Lily Pilly.

"Come and see,

Silly Billy,

With a billy."




Spring, Sprung, Sprang,

Skipped, hopped and ran,

Along with Hipperty, Hoppity, froggys,

Landing on the water lily,

To see the fun


Silly Willy.



"What's doing?'

Said Gumdum gum,

In her frilly caps of red,

As bees and honey birds

Feasted on her red flowered gown,


Winky Wally And Blinky Winky.

"What's all the noise?

Worry? Hurry?'




"Ha!ha! Oohha! oohha!

It's Silly Willy,

An the billy.

Ha! ha! oohha! oohha!"

Laughed Wacko Jacko kookaburra.




"Yes I see",


Magpie Trilly.

"How silly with a billy,

Thinks he"s

Winsome Willy?,

I will sing the story


Silly Willy an the billy."





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